I’m a horrible mom and I lie to my kids’ teacher

I hate mornings. That’s the simple truth of it. I hate leaving my warm, comfy bed and placing my feet on the floor to start the day. But I don’t hate ALL mornings…only the ones on which I am expected to get up at a set time to accomplish a set task. On the mornings that I have nothing planned and I can enjoy my coffee at my leisure while browsing Facebook or reading, I actually love mornings. It’s the other ones I hate.

School mornings especially.

Until Gavin’s meds kick in, about 30 minutes or so after he takes them, he can be a handful. Jumping around, talking a mile a minute, completely distracted, not staying on task, and picking on his sister, is just the beginning. Add to that the fact that I have ADD as well, and am not medicated, and you can see how mornings can be hell for me.

So if I can avoid them, I will at all cost.

The last day before Christmas break, I slept in and said fuck it. The kids don’t need to go to school today. It’s the last day before vacay and I doubt they’re doing anything important anyway.

I’m a horrible mom.

The first day back after Christmas break, I slept in and said fuck it. It’s only the first day back, they won’t miss much.

I’m a horrible mom.

Yesterday it was super cold here: -30-something with the windchill, and I said fuck it, they don’t need to go outside in this cold.

I’m a horrible mom.

Last night Gavin’s teacher emailed me, all concerned, asking about the 3 days Gavin missed and talking about how behind he will be. He is in Grade 5. How bad can it really be two days back after Christmas break? She cited the three days he missed and expressed her “deep concerns” over his ability to catch up.

I emailed her back and told her I had been ill and slept in the day before and the day after, and that Gavin had refused to wear outerwear yesterday so I didn’t send him due to the cold.

I’m a horrible mom.

But, really, how much could he have missed the days before and after vacay?

I admit that I hate mornings and sometimes I will allow said hatred to justify not sending the kids to school. I’m not perfect. And, in the long run, it won’t hurt them. They certainly don’t mind when they get to stay home and play video games, watch movies, and hang out with Mom all day. I didn’t see any tears, I assure.

And as for playing catch up, I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal in Grade 5, unlike if it were High School.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that sleeping in and causing the kids to miss school is not right, but it’s not going to kill them either.

And I have to admit I enjoy the extra time I get to spend with them as a result,




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