Attempt 1,001 (at least!)

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is a constant uphill battle, and the hill only gets steeper as we grow older. If you’ve been there, I know you know what I mean.

I have struggled for years to cut out junk food, find the time and will to exercise, make better food choices, and live a healthy life. I’ve had my moments. Days, weeks, and even months, once or twice, where I have made better choices and seen results. Those times have felt incredible, but didn’t last.

My ADD and OCD don’t help things, either. My OCD means everything has to be perfectly – perfectly timed, perfectly planned, perfectly executed – therefore, inevitably, setting myself up for immediate failure. My ADD means that I am gung-ho at first, and then gradually lose steam when I don’t see results quickly enough, when things don’t go as planned, when a new temptation (like a birthday cake) comes along, or I simply become distracted. My ADD and OCD makes me my own worst enemy.

Some things I have learned about myself through all of my failed attempts:

  • I can’t cut out all junk because then I go overboard when I do have it. Instead, I need to moderate and maybe even allocate a cheat day once a week.
  • I have to schedule when I eat in order to make sure that I do eat.
  • Without pre-planning, I fall back into old habits.
  • All calories are not equal. 500 calories of fruits, veggies, and protein will have a much different effect on my body than will 500 calories of chips, candy, or cake.
  • Now that I am at home during the day, I need to keep myself busy so that I don’t start mindlessly snacking.
  • Night-time television viewing is the bane of my existence when it comes to eating healthy. If I veer off track at night I will completely derail all of the day’s efforts.
  • I HAVE TO take the time to workout. The snow has kept me inside for the past couple of months (here on PEI, we have recieved 514 cm of snow since January!), and I have definitely been suffering from a major case of the Winter Blues. Now that it’s warming up, I need to venture out DAILY (well, Monday to Friday, at least) to workout. Now that I have a gym membership, there’s no excuse for not doing so.
  • When I do workout, I feel sexier and have so much more energy.
  • A plan is essential, but over-planning will kill any chance I have to succeed. When I over-plan, I never start. I ONLY plan to start. Starting is key to getting anywhere.

So no more waiting for the 1st of the month, or the next Monday, or the next sunny day. The time to start is NOW.

As I long as I don’t quit and keep trying, I can’t fail.

So…here I go again.

Attempt 1,001 (at least).

This time I will stay on track.

I’m sure of it.

For now.


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