Derailed Plans = Curse Words and LOTS of Coffee

I sat down last night and wrote out my whole plan for today in my new control journal/family binder (more about that later). Everything from housework to healthy choices regarding food/exercise, to blogging, all the way to leisure reading has been mapped out and made ready to go.

Then we slept in this morning because Justin forgot to reset the alarm for me when he left for work at 5:30 am.

I got Chloe up pretty easily, the damn kid is a morning person; but Gavin took his sweet-ass time and wouldn’t budge. I even tried telling him he would be grounded for the next week if he missed the bus due to fooling around, which just made him deal his heels in harder. Ugh.

Chloe got up and started getting dressed with her sun-shiny smile, that I honestly hate in the mornings (horrible Mom, I know, but I am the farthest thing from a morning person that exists and that is only more evident when things are thrown into chaos!), and I set about making lunches and starting a much-needed pot of coffee brewing in the percolator.

Despite our best efforts Chloe missed the bus because it was EARLY. Of course it would come early on the ONE DAY that I needed it to stick to its schedule. She came back in the house, crestfallen because she loves school, and told me the news.


Me, being in the mood that I was (am?) called Justin at work to…I don’t know…yell at him for forgetting to reset the clock? Not really. I just think I needed to vent a bit. Or maybe I secretly wanted him to be as miserable as I was in that moment. Regardless, he grabbed a vehicle from someone at work and came home to drive the kids to school. Gavin finally dragged his ass out of bed, bitched about what I put in his lunch, and left without eating breakfast.

le sigh.

Now, the kids have been late for school, I am grumpy from fighting with Gavin who refused to get out of bed, and I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. Ugh. I hate being such a perfectionist sometimes. If things don’t go exactly as planned I feel like my whole day has gone to shit.

Anyway, rant over. I apologize for the crass language this morning, but it really illustrates how perturbed I was (am?) because that’s really the only time I swear.

I think I will go try and enjoy my coffee and see if I can turn my mood around.

Hope you’re having a better morning than I!




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