Writing 101, April 2015: Day 6

Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

Twist: Turn your post into a character study.

Late last Summer someone posted on a local parenting Facebook group I belong to about how difficult it is to make friends as an adult. I immediately jumped into the conversation agreeing wholeheartedly. I could seriously relate, especially having moved so many times in the last several years and starting a family. I hardly speak to any of my High School friends and don’t have much family near me, so my life revolved around my husband and children, with a non-existent social life.

After several emphatic responses of affirmation, another woman posted something about a $240 Club. She explained that a group of 12 women agree to get together once a month for a year. Each month the women would meet at another member’s home and bring $20. At the end of the get-together, all names would be placed in a hat and a new hostesses name would be drawn for the following month. The future hostess would receive the $220 as well. The whole thing only had one rule: the money must be spent on yourself; not your husband, not your children, not your home, etc.; only you.

I thought this sounded like a fantastic way to make some new friends and get out once a month, not to mention the chance to buy something for myself without guilt. Score!

I met lots of lovely women via this group, but one stood out from the rest and we have become fast friends.

I remember I was sitting in an armchair at L’s house, my feet curled underneath me to combat the cold, as I always am. Then in walked someone that I can only describe as a tornado of sunshine.

K was tall & statuesque, blond, and in possession of one of the biggest, brightest smiles I have ever seen outside of a television or movie screen. She breezed in, talking a mile a minute, and sat down on a couch across from me. I learned a lot about K very quickly:

  • she has ADD, as do her two oldest children
  • she has 5 children; the first born when she was in her teens, and the last two, twins
  • she is married
  • she has two cats and a dog; the first, she’s not a fan of, and the latter she loves
  • her husband owns his own business
  • she is a quasi-health-nut
  • her family is everything

As time went on, some of us in the $240 Club started to notice that most of the women kept to themselves, apart from our monthly meet-ups. There were no outside meeting coffee dates, no telephone conversations, not even Facebook conversations.

I’m not sure who reached out to who first, or even when, but K and I started to hang out all the time. We introduced our kids and husbands and, suddenly, we were spending at least 2 to 3 days a week together. We would watch TV/movies, listen to music, drink coffee, work out together, or simply just talk. K and her husband even invited us to join their very large family for Christmas Dinner because she knew we would just be the four of us.

I would have to say I both envy and admire, K.

I envy the fact that, while fighting ADD, K is one of the cleanest, most organized people I know. Her home is almost always pristine. You would NEVER know that 8 people, 2 cats, and 2 dogs live there! She runs a very tight ship and all of her children know there is a strict routine in place. They know that they eat at meal/snack times or have to wait until the next meal/snack. They know they have to do homework as soon as they get home. They know if they misbehave they will end up on the naughty step. My own children fight me tooth and nail on everything and I’m lucky if I can keep the dishes clean and the laundry done, let alone anything else most days! I don’t know how she does it.

I admire K’s determination, dedication, will-power, and strength. K did the Mud Run last year. She lost weight, got herself into shape and she did it in a little over an hour. This year she has already signed up for 3 new runs. I have seen this woman stick to a very strict diet, despite what foods or drinks are around her. I have seen her damned-near kill herself in the gym, while I can barely walk for 20 minutes on a treadmill. All of this, while living with ADD, depression, and anxiety. Some days I wish I were more like her, and I try to follow her example.

I know I am not doing K justice, but I am having a hard time putting what I think of her and how I feel about her onto this page.

I don’t know where our friendship is going, but I am enjoying the ride, so far.




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