My Liebster Nominations

Like everything else in my life, I should have done this long before now; but here I am. Better late than never, as they say.

So, on March 17th I received notification that I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by a fellow blogger. My first thought? Awwww…that’s so sweet (insert single teardrop a la Cry-Baby, here). My second thought? What the hell is a Liebster Award?

After extensive research this is what I have come up with:

  • The word “Liebster” is German and can mean dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart, and boyfriend.
  • The award is in recognition of blogs/bloggers by other bloggers and is only on the internet.
  • A Liebster nomination follows a chain letter formula: receive nomination and pass it onto to others.
  • Con: It’s a chain that can be an annoyance to some, but there is no obligation to continue on with it if you don’t wish to.
  • Pro: It can help to increase readership of one’s blog.

From what I can garner, The Liebster Award began as a way to welcome new bloggers to the community and to help get their blogs off the ground. The blogosphere’s way of paying it forward.

During my research I also discovered that the “rules” of nomination are elastic and have several variations around the web. The rules I am choosing to use are:

  1. Thank and link your nominator.
  2. List 10 things about yourself so your community can get to know you a little better.
  3. Answer your nominator’s ten questions.
  4. Nominate ten blogs (victims) of your choosing.
  5. Create 10 new questions.
  6. Notify your nominees via social media or their blog.

So thank you, Entry Level Expert, for nominating me and congratulations on your own nomination. It is truly an honor just to be nominated (insert audience eye-roll here).


10 Things About Me:

  1. I was told that I would not be able to have children without medical assistance but became pregnant (much to my surprise!) twice without it.
  2. I am ABSOLUTELY PETRIFIED of spiders!
  3. My family and I moved 14 times in 4 years before finally settling on PEI. I NEVER want to move again.
  4. The fact that I didn’t finish High School is my single biggest regret.
  5. I LOVE cats. I currently own 4 of them; 3 of which are black.
  6. When I die I want to be cremated and then put in one of those pods that gets planted to become a tree.
  7. I miss my hometown, but I could never live there because most of the people I know have never grown up and are stuck in the past.
  8. I HATE the cold and the heat. My favorite seasons are Spring and Autumn because they are neither too hot nor too cold.
  9. Halloween is my favorite holiday. In fact, we do much of our home decor shopping during October because we love Halloween so much, and a lot of it remains on display year round. We love the holidays so much that we have joked about building a house with a Halloween room and a Christmas room in it.
  10. If I could go anywhere in the world on vacation, I would go to Australia. I love snakes, and I would love to go see some of the many venomous varieties they have there. I am completely jealous of my best friend who lived there for 2 years after High School.

My Nominator’s 10 questions:

  1. When did you know you wanted to write (for fun or otherwise) a blog? I have actually had several blogs over the years spanning many topics, but I can’t seem to keep one going. This time around I’ve kind of just decided to forgive myself if I don’t write often and not worry about it. Life is too short to stress over it. My first blog was in my early 20’s and I think it was a blog about celebrity gossip (don’t laugh!). Once I realized how lame it was, I quickly got rid of it.
  2. Sweet tea or unsweetened tea? Both, depending on my mood.
  3. Favorite gemstone and why? Ruby. Red is my favorite color and it’s so vibrant. Also, I am a fire sign (Sagittarius) and it just makes me think of a living flame.
  4. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? I AM CARMEN SAN DIEGO!!!
  5. What’s the first thing you look for when you go to a Goodwill store? Shoes!!!!
  6. What is one thing you can do now that you could not do at the beginning of the New Year? Go to the gym – I just got a membership!
  7. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Not if I can help it.
  8. Who was your favorite teacher (or professor) and why? My Grade 6 teacher, Mr. Collins. I started having a rough time in school around that time. My father remarried and told us we were leaving our home to move to a new province at the end of the school year. At the same time, my ADD was rearing its ugly head, though I was not yet diagnosed, and I was really struggling with maintaining any kind of self esteem and keeping self afloat in school. Mr. Collins took note of what was happening and really worked to help boost my confidence through it all. Without him I’m not sure I would have gone as far as I did in school. I am pretty sure I would have dropped out long before I did.
  9. If you could re-title a Britney Spears song, which one would it be/what would you re-title it? “What You See Is What You Get” to “I Deserve Better Than You”.
  10. A mouse is in your house, what do you do? Try to catch it before the cats do and release it outside in the back yard.

I Nominate:

  1. I Am Not Fibromyalgia
  2. The Funny Thing Is
  3. Transitions
  4. What to Have for Dinner Tonight
  5. Storyshucker
  6. YzerMamas
  7. myladyfaire
  8. Taste of Colors
  9. Real Mom of Long Island
  10. Belle and Candle

My Questions For My Nominees:

  1. What’s the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
  2. What is your first childhood memory?
  3. What are your favorite and least favorite colors?
  4. What is your nickname? How did you get it?
  5. Do you take time out for yourself? How? Why do you think this is important?
  6. What are you passionate about?
  7. Name a book or movie that changed your life. How did it change your life? Was it for the good or the better?
  8. Are you happy with where you are in life right now? Why, why not?
  9. Why did you start your blog? Has it evolved the way you thought it would? Has it met your expectations?
  10. Would you break the rules because of something/someone you care about? How far would you go and what would be your limit?

It is wonderful to be apart of such an amazing community. Share the love!

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